reliable event pros with a whole new twist

Some of our past promotions include:

Sampling Programs   *    Trade Shows     *     National Mobile Marketing Tours     *    
In-Store Demonstrations     *     Guerrilla Marketing     *     Secret Shoppers     *     College Events     *     Nightclub Promotions     * 
     …and more!


“Your model was absolutely wonderful.  She took pride in the product, talked to the customers, and encouraged customers to try the different flavors.  She was a great asset to our team.”
Jenny E., Store Manager

“You were all a pleasure to work with and made my job incredibly easy.
Your professional attitudes and great work ethic really helped make tonight a great success.”
Mike P. , Event Tour Manger

“Your staff at the Hard Rock were awesome.  I just received a recap from the manager and he absolutely loved them.”
Kristin K.,  Staffing Coordinator