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Q: As a Promotional Model, how will I hear about upcoming events?
A: You will be contacted when work is available in your area.  We recommend you check your email at least once a day as new programs come in on a daily basis and often get booked very quickly!  Also, it is very important to add our website to your email ‘safe’ list.

Q: How do I let you know I am available for a potential booking?
A: Respond to the booking email or phone call.  Be sure to be specific in your email letting us know the day/time/location you can complete the job.  Please include any other information (i.e. photo, resume, etc) that is required if the email requests it.

Q: How will I know if I am booked for an event?
A: If you are booked for an event, you will be contacted directly by a Booking Agent to confirm/negotiate the job details.  At that point, the two of you will go over all event objectives, negotiations, and answer any questions you may have, and confirm your model fee/rate.  Please be sure to promptly respond to all emails and phone calls in order to confirm your booking.

Q.  How long does it take to get paid?
A.  You should have a check in your hands within 30 days of sending us your invoice, vouchers and paperwork once you’ve completed a job.

Q.  Who do I contact about the status of my payment due?
A.  If you have not received your payment, and it has been more than 30 days from sending us your invoice, please contact your booking agent. 

Q: How many booking offers can I expect to receive?
A:  We cannot predict how much work will be available in your particular area.  Our clients determine when and where people are needed.  In general, talent who keep in touch with their booking agents, are quick to return their contracts and paperwork, and receive great feedback from our clients, are first to be considered for future jobs!  

Q: What type of photos should I send when submitting my information?
A: Please send a ‘headshot’ and ‘full body shot’ - clear, smiling photos with classic, conservative clothing.  If you are unsure of what to send, feel free to send over a few different images, including headshots and full-body photos.  We do not require professional photographs, but your photos may be submitted to our clients their approval, so you should look your best!  As your agency, we cannot reimburse you for cost of headshots, resumes or other such professional expenses.

Q: I have responded to the emails, but I haven’t gotten booked yet.  Am I doing something wrong?
A: We work with various promotion models, and there are only so many bookings, so it’s not possible to book every person who requests a booking.  Please keep replying to booking announcements if you are interested - we appreciate your continued response and hopefully we can get you working on a job soon. 

Q: If I am booked through you, am I your employee?
A: No.  As your agency, we contract you to perform services for our client.  You will receive an IRS form (W-9) and Independent Model Agreement if you wish to be set up in our database.  As a contractor, you should consult your tax preparer to discuss any specific questions about taxes, deductions and related questions.

Q: What will I need to wear when I work an event?
A: Promotions professionals should have the standard accepted promotional gear for this industry: black pants, khaki pants, white collared shirt (button down and/or polo style), black closed-toed shoes, and clean white sneakers.  Some of our clients might provide you with a branded shirt for you to wear at an event, but at all times you should be presentable and neat.