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Terms And Conditions

Agency Booking Agents will post jobs available to Talent in the form of email announcements, with details of job including times, dates and locations requested by the Client, called “Casting Notice”.
Talent may bid on any job by responding to the Casting Notice. If multiple locations and/or dates are specified, talent should indicate the location(s) they wish to work and provide the dates the work will be performed. Talent is free to request dates, times, locations and rate of pay other than those posted in the Casting Notice. If Talent does not specify alternate dates, times or payment terms, the information specified in the Casting Notice will be assumed.

If Talent’s bid is accepted to perform the job, the Booking Agent will send to Talent a “Booking Confirmation” email containing the agreed-upon work location(s), date(s) and payment for the job. Once accepted by the Talent via email reply, this Booking Confirmation email will serve as a contract for the job. Any changes to the Booking Confirmation contract must be agreed to in writing between both parties.

To set up a contractor account with Agency, Talent must provide the following documents for the Agency’s files: A) a signed Independent Contractor Agreement. B) IRS form W-9. To be paid for a job, Talent must provide adequate proof that the job was performed to the client’s satisfaction (ie; store manager’s signature, client-signed timesheet, store receipts, invoice or other suitable proof). Please allow 30 days after submission of all paperwork for payment to be issued. If, after 30 days, payment is not received, please contact the Booking Agent. Copies of submitted paperwork may be requested for payment to be (re)issued.